Carpooling with the Shortlist

The Shortlist enables Riders and Drivers to discover carpools beyond the normal Scoop matching period.

How do I access the Shortlist?

  • If you normally ride: If you are unable to find a match, or are canceled on, you will automatically be added to the Shortlist. Then, we’ll let Drivers know you are still looking to carpool. Drivers near you can view your request details and immediately create a match with you in one tap. As a Rider, you can also update your times after the deadline to increase your matching potential.
  • If you normally drive: You’ll have access to the Shortlist after the matching period to find a Rider, regardless of whether or not you scheduled initially. You’ll be able to view Rider details including route and times requested. If you find a Rider that fits your preferences, they can create a carpool with them.

When does the Shortlist open and end?

The Shortlist is open immediately following the matching period for both AM and PM carpools. If you’re a Rider, you will remain on the Shortlist until you are matched or 30 minutes before your last selected time. If you’re a Driver, you can view Riders the Shortlist until the last time range in the matching period.

How does this impact Guaranteed Ride Home?

You will still be eligible for Scoop’s Guaranteed Ride Home policy, so long as all other requirements are met. You can learn more about Scoop’s Guaranteed Ride Home here.

Can I refuse the carpool as a Rider?

If you are a Rider, the match is automatically accepted on your behalf. If you cancel a match from the Shortlist it will follow the Scoop Cancellation Policy.