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Carpooling with the shortlist

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The carpool shortlist enables Riders and Drivers to discover carpools beyond the normal Scoop matching period.

Using the carpool shortlist as a Rider

If your trip request is not matched or your carpool is canceled, you are automatically added to a pool of unmatched Riders known as the carpool shortlist. Drivers in your area will be able to view the shortlist, see your request details, and schedule a carpool with you.

A Driver may select any pickup time within your original request window that allows you at least 30 minutes notice before the trip begins. As a Rider, the match is automatically accepted on your behalf. However, you can remove yourself from the shortlist at any time before you are matched. If you do not remove yourself from the carpool shortlist, your request will automatically expire 30 minutes prior to the latest time in your requested window. You may also update your request window while on the shortlist to increase your ability to match. If either commuter cancels a match from the carpool shortlist it will follow Scoop's normal Cancellation Policy.


  • If there is another Rider with a similar trip request, we will also place you both together in a convenient pairing, allowing Drivers to select both of you to create a 3-person carpool.
  • Your preferred pickup time will no longer be displayed once you are added to the shortlist as a Rider, Drivers will see your entire request window and create a match at any time within your range.
  • Riders who are on the carpool shortlist cannot switch their mode to be a Driver.

Using the carpool shortlist as a Driver

The carpool shortlist is a pool of unmatched Riders in your area who are still looking for a carpool. As a Driver, you’ll have access to the carpool shortlist immediately after the normal matching period is complete, regardless if you scheduled a trip request for that period.

On the shortlist, you can view Rider details including the route and pickup time window requested for Riders along your Home/Work commute. If you find a Rider or pair of Riders, that fits your preferences, you can immediately schedule a carpool with them. You are able to select any time within the Rider's original request window that allows the Rider at least 30 minutes notice before the trip begins. Once you tap to create a carpool from the shortlist, the carpool is officially scheduled and follows Scoop's normal Cancellation Policy. 

How does this impact backup commute?

If your employer sponsors backup commute options, then 30 minutes after the scheduling deadline, you will become eligible for backup commutes. You will remain on the shortlist until you claim your ride credit, delete your shortlist request, or your request expires.

Once you choose to claim your ride credit, your shortlist request will be deleted. If you delete your shortlist request within the first 30 minutes of the scheduling deadline, you will be notified once backup commute options become available.

Note: The carpool shortlist is currently unavailable for commuters using Shift Scheduling. Shift scheduling is only available for commuters whose employers are a part of a specific Enterprise carpool Program. If your employer is a part of a program offering Shift Scheduling, you will see it within the Scoop app.

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