Location information for your Scoop trips

In order for Scoop to validate any promotions, discounts, or cash outs for Riders and Drivers, we please ask that you enable location information for each Scoop trip.

How do you do that? It’s simple! First, enable location permissions for Scoop through your phone’s settings. For iOS, you can read more on how to do that here. For Android, here are instructions for a few of the top devices: Nexus and Galaxy.

Then, right before and during your trip, be sure to open the Scoop app (it can be in the background). We will not be able to validate your trip if the app is closed.

Why is enabling location information during your trips so important?

  • Validate trips: Perhaps most importantly, Scoop uses location information to validate trip accuracy for promotions, incentives, and confirming all transactions.
  • Safety: Location information for each trip allows us to ensure the safety of each Driver and Rider as they commute to work. Safety is our top priority!
  • Improving Scoop routes: Our team reviews travel paths taken and how long each trip takes to improve our matching algorithm and keep delivering a better experience for commuters.
  • Rider experience: For the best Rider experience, Riders look to the Scoop map to see the location of their Drivers. When your Scoop app is closed, this information is not available to the Rider.

The Scoop community is all about improving our lives — saving money, time, and the environment with a less stressful way to get to work. We’re thrilled to offer the best transportation alternative to driving alone, and the location requirements above make it even easier for us to continue to offer the best Scoop experience.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email anytime.

A note about privacy: Of course, your privacy is incredibly important to us. Location information is never collected outside the time immediately before and during your trips. Location information is never shared outside of Scoop. For more information visit the Scoop Privacy Policy.