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What if I need to cancel my carpool?

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Cancel a trip request

You can cancel a trip request without penalty anytime before the matching period. Just tap the red Cancel button on your trip request card. 

Cancel a matched carpool

We understand there may be days in which you need to cancel your carpool. However, if you cancel a carpool after you are matched, you will not be able to reschedule. 'Last-minute' cancellations and multiple cancellations in a month will incur a cancellation charge of $5. Learn more about Scoop's cancellation policy here.

If you do need to cancel a matched carpool, we kindly ask that you do so as early as possible. If you only need to adjust your plans slightly, we encourage you to reach out to the other commuter to see if they might be able to accommodate a schedule change.

If you need to cancel a trip because your commuter is late or can no longer make the trip, please refer to this article.

If you are a Driver and need to remove one Rider from your carpool, but not cancel the entire match, refer to this article.


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