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How can I leave feedback about a fellow commuter?

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Feedback allows commuters to let us know how they feel about each part of a trip. For Riders, this means leaving feedback about the Driver and any other Riders matched in their carpool. For Drivers, this means leaving feedback about the Riders in their carpool and about the route.

How do I give feedback about my commuter?

After the completion of each trip, you’ll be able to leave feedback about your fellow commuters right in the app. You can leave positive feedback about your commuter by selecting Give Praise. If you’d like to suggest improvements for your commuter or if you’d prefer not to match with them again in the future, select Suggest improvement.


           Give praise                                 Suggest improvement


How do I block a commuter?

If you would rather not match with this commuter in the future, you have the option to select Don't match me with this carpooler while suggesting improvements. 

Can I block a commuter from a past trip?

Yes. If you’d like to block a commuter from a past trip, you can do so by navigating to the Activity & Payments page and tapping into the trip details for that carpool from the Activity tab.

From there, you will be able to select Don't match me with this carpooler. For any future trip requests, we will no longer match you with that commuter. Please reach out to ScoopCare if you change your mind and would like the opportunity to match with the commuter again in the future.

Will the other commuter see my feedback?

Your feedback will never be shared directly with the other commuter. However, the ScoopCare team will look at all feedback in a continual effort to determine ways to improve the community experience.

Can I see my own feedback?

Feedback is never shared with commuters and is only used by the ScoopCare team to help improve the experience for everyone. You will not be able to see or ask for a report of the feedback you have received. 

How do I give feedback about my route? (Drivers only)

See this article for more information about setting route preferences.

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