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How to see coworker check-ins - Mobile

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To help plan your work week, you’ll be able to view which of your coworkers have set their status to head into the office each day. 

From the “Home” screen select a day on the Hybrid Workforce calendar that you’d like to view. Then under the “Co-workers’ statuses” section you can tap into each option to see who has planned to go to the office that day, who has indicated they’ll be working from home, and who has indicated that they’ll be out of the office. 

You can also select the “View all” option to see all fellow employee statuses on one page, including those who have not checked-in. To protect employee privacy, we’ll only show their name and their saved status for each day.

Note: If your coworkers have checked-in in advance, they may update their status at their convenience if their plans change. 

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