What is Guaranteed Ride Home?


We introduced the Guaranteed Ride Home program, so you don’t have to worry about getting home. If you Scooped into work as a Rider, and for any reason, we’re unable to fulfill your ride back, Scoop will reimburse the cost of your alternate transportation home up to $40 per trip with a maximum of $300 per calendar year. 

If possible, we ask that you take public transportation and be helpful to the environment. If a rideshare service (or taxi*) is your only option, please select a pooled option like Lyft Line or Uber Pool.

*Receipts must be received within 7 business days. 

We want to make sure the GRH program is always available when you need it! Here are two quick tips that’ll increase your chances of matching.


  1. Extend your PM time range: On average, commuters that select a larger time range match significantly more. Your perfect carpool match might be just 15 minutes outside your current range.
  2. Choose "popular" time ranges: Some times are labeled as 'popular' on the scheduling screen. These are the times that have the most carpoolers. Select these times and you'll have an even higher probability of finding a match!

If you are still not finding a carpool in the afternoon, we recommend using affordable commuting alternatives like public transportation. We’ll even reimburse you to/from the transit station!