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My Scoop Balance and cashing out your funds

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What is the Scoop Balance?

The Scoop Balance displays the accumulated credit or debit amount on your Scoop account. When you carpool as a Driver, trip reimbursements are automatically credited to your Scoop Balance for each completed trip.

When you carpool as a Rider, the trip cost is automatically debited from your Scoop Balance. That means if you have available credit on your Scoop Balance, we'll first use that to cover the cost of a ride rather than charging your credit card. If at the end of the week you have a negative Scoop Balance, we'll charge that amount to your credit card on file.

Cashing out your funds

When you have a positive Scoop Balance, you can cash out to a linked bank account once you complete a minimum of 2 trips. When you request a cash-out, we withdraw your balance and begin processing an e-payment to your bank. Funds are deposited within 3-5 business days.

Please note, there is a $10 minimum requirement to cash out a Scoop Balance. Be sure to check your banking information to ensure we have the right information on file before submitting a cash-out request. 

To initiate a cash out:

  1. Tap Account in the bottom navigation bar of the app
  2. Tap Settings
  3. From the Settings menu tap Commute
  4. Then tap Activity & Payments
  5. You can then select the Cash out balance option from the Activity screen if your banking information has already been saved in the app

Any delays in payment are often due to an incorrect routing or bank account number being entered. This issue can be resolved by entering the correct bank account information in the app and then contacting ScoopCare.

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