Carpool Credits

Carpool Credits are valuable credits you can earn and apply to your Scoop trips. A credit gets you a free trip on your next ride or gives you a bonus payout on your next drive.

How do Carpool Credits work?

  • Carpool credits are equivalent in value to covering the cost of a normal trip for a Rider (pre-discounts) OR if you’re a  Driver, the value of a Rider on their normal route (pre-bonus). Value is calculated once the trip is billed.
  • If you have credits, we’ll automatically apply them so you get your free trip or bonus for the very next trip

Where can I see the status of my Carpool Credits?

  • You can see your carpool credit, along with their expiration time directly in the app on a card at the top of the trips tab.

How do I get Carpool Credits?

  • Sharing Scoop with your referral code is the easiest way to get credits. When someone enters your referral code, they’ll get two Carpool Credits immediately added to their account. Learn more about sharing Scoop.  
  • Hitting important carpooling milestones. Watch your inbox for notifications about these milestones.
  • You will also be able to get credits through Scoop giveaways and promotions.

Does this impact my normal riding and driving?

  • Nope! Cash is still the way that everyday commuting is handled on Scoop. If you have a credit in your account, we'll use that first. If you don't have any credits, you'll be billed/reimbursed as normal.

*Note: Some Carpool Credits have an expiration time. You can view the status of your Carpool Credits on a card at the top of the Trips tab. Outstanding referrals will be granted as Carpool Credits.

Trips_-_New_User_-Carpool_Credit_Card_-_1_Remaining.png    Carpool_Credits_-_Empty_-_Share.png