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Carpool Credits

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Carpool Credits are valuable credits you can earn and apply to your Scoop trips. One credit gets you a free trip on your next ride or gives you a bonus payout on your next drive.

How do Carpool Credits work?

  • When you carpool as a Rider, one Carpool Credit will cover the full cost of your carpool (pre-discount)
  • When you carpool as a Driver, one Carpool Credit will result in a bonus reimbursement that's equivalent to the amount you'd receive for a 2nd Rider
  • If you have any Carpool Credits present in your account, they are automatically applied to your next carpool.

Total Carpool Credit value is calculated once the trip is billed.

Where can I see if I have available Carpool Credits?

  1. Tap Account in the bottom navigation bar of the app
  2. Tap Settings 
  3. From the Settings menu tap Commute
  4. Then tap Activity & Payments
  5. Then select the Payments option on the top right of the screen
  6. Your Carpool Credits will be listed under the Promotions section of the Payments tab


How do I get Carpool Credits?

  • Sharing your referral code is the easiest way to get credits. When a new commuter enters your referral code, they’ll get 2 Carpool Credits immediately added to their account. After they complete their first carpool, you'll also receive 2 Carpool Credits to your account! Learn more about referring friends and coworkers to Scoop:
  • You may also have opportunities to receive Carpool Credits through Scoop giveaways and promotions.

Does this impact my normal riding and driving?

  • Nope! All billing and reimbursements are still handled directly through the app. If you have a Carpool Credit in your account, it will automatically be applied as a free carpool or bonus reimbursement on your next trip. If you don't have any Carpool Credits, you'll be billed/reimbursed as normal.

*Note: Some Carpool Credits have an expiration date. You can view the status of your Carpool Credits by tapping the arrow in the Payments tab as shown in the screenshot above


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