How to Refer: Earn Money by Spreading the Word

Sharing your Scoop referral code with neighbors, friends and colleagues is a great way to help spread the word and add to your Scoop balance.

Here’s How to Refer:

  1. In the app, you’ll find your unique code on the left hand side, as seen below.
  2. Just tap your code and you’ll be prompted to choose a way to share it - email, SMS, or any other communication app.
  3. You can share your code with as many people as you’d like. Once your friend, neighbor or co-worker receives the code, have them download Scoop and enter it in the “Payments” screen in the “Apply promo code” box
  4. After the person you refer takes their first trip, you’ll BOTH get $20 in your accounts, please allow 24-48 hours.

*Note: Redemption of referral credits is subject to trip validation via location and other trip data.