What happens if my Driver/Rider cancels or is not ready for me?

If you’re a Rider:

  • If your Driver has not arrived within about 5 minutes of your departure time, reach out to them via a text message or phone call.
  • If you cannot get a hold of them, be sure to cancel via the app and select 'The Driver didn't show/was late' and take an alternative way to work/home.
  • You will be eligible for our Guaranteed Ride Home program if you used Scoop to commute to work that morning.

If you’re a Driver:

  • The best thing to do is to wait a few minutes and contact your Rider to see where they are.
  • If you cannot reach them or something came up for them, no problem - go ahead and cancel via the app and select 'The Rider was not ready' and head to work/home.