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How is Scoop pricing calculated?

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Whether you drive or ride with Scoop, you'll always save on your commute when compared to driving alone. Some Drivers even save up to 50-100% of their normal commute costs. With the average commute in the US costing over $4,000/year, that's a lot of savings!

If you carpool as a Driver, you will receive a Driver reimbursement amount. If you carpool as a Rider, you will pay a Rider cost. These Driver reimbursements, paid by the Rider, help the Driver cover a portion of their commute costs for things like gas and vehicle maintenance.

Driver reimbursement amounts typically ranges from $2-$9 per passenger, per trip. If you choose to ride instead of drive, you'll cover a share of the commute cost with the Driver. Ride prices typically range from about $2-$10 depending on your commute distance, specific route, and group pricing eligibility.

Pricing is determined by various factors such as route distance, origin location, final destination, and any applicable promotions. You and your colleagues and neighbors will see different pricing at different times as a result. 

Pricing will change so that we can encourage more people to carpool. By changing the cost for rides and the reimbursement for drives, we're able to optimize our community dynamics to give each commuter the best opportunity to match. Any promotions we may offer, or changes we make, are all about making your route more efficient. Our goal is to keep Scoop as consistent and affordable as possible. 

Please note: you'll always be able to see your current pricing in the app before you schedule and take any trips.

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