What is the driver reimbursement amount and rider cost?

Whether you drive or ride with Scoop, you'll always save at least 30% on your commute (vs. driving alone). With the average commute in the US over $4,000/year, that's a lot of savings!

When you ride with Scoop, you cover a share of the cost for the driver. Costs per ride range from about $2-$10 depending on your commute distance and specific route.

As a driver, you save between 50-100% on your commute on every trip you drive! Reimbursements range from $3 to $9 per passenger, per trip!

Scoop's pricing will change from time to time to help even more people carpool. 

By changing the price for rides and the reimbursement for drives, we're able to bring in more Riders or Drivers and help everyone have an efficient commute. 
In the early days of a Scoop City, it's common for us to offer discounted pricing that lasts for a limited time. There are various factors that go into pricing, with distance and route (your origin location and final destination) being some of them. You and your colleagues/friends might see different pricing at different times as a result.
Please note: you'll always be able to see your current pricing in the app before you schedule and take any trips. We definitely understand the impact pricing has for our commuter's and are very careful in deciding when and where to decrease or, in some cases, increase pricing. 
Carpooling with Scoop is still the easiest way to save money on your commute!

The easiest way to get discounted pricing is to have your employer sponsor Scoop trips. If you're able to link us up with your HR department to have a chat, please let us know! Commuters at Bay Area companies are getting rides as low as $1 thanks to employer support of Scoop.