Giving feedback after each trip

Feedback allows carpoolers to have an even greater ability to let us know how they feel about each part of a trip, whether it be their carpool buddy or the route.

How do I give feedback?

After the completion of each trip, you’ll be able to leave your feedback right in the app. Giving you the chance to provide input on your route and carpool buddies separately.

Will my carpool buddy see my feedback?

Your feedback will never be shared directly with your carpool buddy. However, the ScoopCare team will look at all feedback to help commuters improve, and highlight those who are exceptional carpoolers.

Can I see my own feedback?

Feedback is never shared with commuters, and is only used by the ScoopCare team to help improve the experience for everyone. You will not be able to see or ask for a report of the feedback you have received.

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