About the Community Map

The Community Map enables Scoop commuters to learn more about the other commuters on their route to work. By letting us know what company you are a part of you will get the full benefit of seeing all of your colleagues you will be able to carpool with as well as discounted trips (if applicable). Your Scoop route likely already has many friendly carpoolers excited to share their commute with you. If your route is still growing and not yet at 50 commuters (the magic number for an amazing Scoop experience) you can help your network grow by sharing Scoop with neighbors & co-workers.

By default, you'll be able to use the Scoop Community Map to see all commuters on your route. You can also filter the map to only show commuters who are on your route but also work at your company. 

To learn more about privacy and the Community Map standards around the Scoop Community Map, visit our Help Center article on Scoop's privacy standards.