What is Scoop's cancellation policy?

At Scoop, our goal is to make carpooling so reliable you can depend on it every day. By discouraging cancellations after the scheduling deadline has ended, we ensure that everyone can depend on their Scoop match to get to work and back home.

Why is cancelling bad? Once a trip is cancelled, the person who is cancelled on is left without a carpool, potentially making it difficult to get to work or back home.

What is Scoop’s cancellation policy? We do realize that schedules change and emergencies happen. We’ve taken that into account when it comes to our policies.

  • Currently, we allow 1 free cancellation every two weeks.
  • After that, a $5 charge for each cancellation will be made any time you cancel after the scheduling deadline over the next two weeks.
  • Please note that cancellations are defined as a cancellation in the app OR being a no-show for the person you’re matched with.

We hope this policy makes Scoop the most reliable way to share your commute. If you have any questions, please reach out to Thanks!