What is Scoop's cancellation policy?

At Scoop, our goal is to make carpooling so reliable that you can depend on it every day. By discouraging cancellations after the scheduling deadline has ended, we ensure that everyone can depend on their Scoop match to get to work and back.

Why is canceling bad? As fellow commuters, we know life happens. And oftentimes, that means you need to cancel your carpool. Once a trip is canceled, the person who is canceled on is left without a carpool, potentially making it difficult to get to work or back home. Which is why we implemented a new policy to help prevent cancellations.

Please note that cancellations are defined as a cancellation in the app OR being a no-show for the person you’re matched with.

What is Scoop’s cancellation policy?

If you are canceled on or if you report your buddy as a no-show:

  • You get $5 if you are canceled on last minute, or if it happens more than once in a month.

If you cancel or are reported as a no-show:

  • You get 1 fee waiver a month which resets after the start of a new month.
  • After that, a $5 charge for each cancellation will be made any time you cancel after the scheduling deadline.
  • If a 4th cancellation occurs in a month, you will incur an automatic charge of $10 for that cancellation and any cancellation after that, until the next calendar month.

Last minute cancellations (ones which take place less than 1 hour before the start of your trip) are especially tough and will always incur a charge. Fee waivers can’t be applied to last minute cancellations.

Customizing your trips as a Driver:

Drivers can now decline a route, and set a preference for future matches. If the pickup, drop-off, or combination of the two don’t work for you, just let us know. Note: you do not have to cancel the carpool when setting a preference. However, if you need to cancel, you will not be charged a cancellation fee when customizing your trips.