What is the Commute Hero Program and where is it available?

How To Qualify for Commute Hero:

  • When you schedule 6 trips or more per week, you’ll be able to reap all of the benefits of the Commute Hero Program.
  • For a scheduling request to qualify, it must have at least a 30 minute range selected.

The Commute Hero Program is currently available on selected routes. Check your "Scoop Stream" in the app and if you are eligible, you'll see a card that says so. 

The Benefits:

  • For Drivers: Guaranteed payment whether we are able to match you or not. That means you’re guaranteed to get reimbursed the value of 1 Rider every time you schedule. *Driver-reimbursement is not issued for canceled trips.

Example:say you schedule 9 Scoop drive trips in a week, and we are unable to match you on 2 of them. For each of the 2 trips you didn't match, we'll automatically credit you the amount you typically receive for a Scoop drive where you take 1 Rider. 

  • For RidersWe automatically credit you the amount of a free Scoop trip if we are unable to match you or if your trip is canceled.

Example: if your normal ride costs $4, and you don't match on 2 trips in a week, we'll automatically credit your account $8 at the end of the week.


As a note, reimbursements for drives and rides happen @ the end of each week and are capped at $15 per week (separate from any Guaranteed Rides Home).

Feel free to email if you have any comments or questions!