How do I make sure I'm getting all relevant emails from Scoop

Sometimes, employer email services can make it hard to get communications from Scoop. Changing your primary address to your personal email ensures you'll hear all about what we're up to, while still getting all the discounts you're eligible for through your employer. 
You can add a separate, non-employer email to Scoop and make it your primary email.

To do this:
  • Open the Scoop app and go to the “Profile” section in the sidebar menu
  • Tap on your email next to “Contact Email.” You’ll see a new screen where you can add a second email.

Check out these images to see the 3 easy steps: 


We’ll send you a separate verification email, and as soon as you verify the extra email address, you can make that one your “Primary”.

Once you do the above, we’ll send all communications to that email, but we’ll still have a record of your employer email to confirm eligibility for any promotions!