Avoiding similar routes on future matches

Sometimes, the route for your carpool Drive may not be one that you'd like to take again in the future. In these cases, Scoop learns from your feedback and gives you the option to "Avoid similar routes" on trips going forward.

Note: These route blocks are currently only available for 2-person carpools, but will soon be available for all carpool sizes.

There are two places in the Scoop app where you will be presented with this option.

1. Cancelling a trip due to the route

If you feel you need to cancel a trip because of the route, select the "This route doesn't work for me" option when cancelling your trip.

If you're able to, we'd love for you to still take that trip and simply have us block that route for future matches. You can do this by selecting "I'll take the trip, but avoid in the future." If you really cannot take the trip, select "I still want to cancel."

When you do this, you'll be prompted to give feedback on why the route did not work. And you'll also see a toggle for "Avoid similar routes." Make sure this toggle is on, and submit your cancellation. Once you do, we'll make sure you do not get a route like this one again. 


2. Giving trip feedback

After each Drive, you'll be prompted to give Feedback on that trip. If you select a 1 or 2-star rating, we'll ask you to share more about that route, and also give you the option of avoiding similar routes with the "Avoid similar routes" toggle. Make sure it's toggled on if you want to block routes like this from future matches. Then, advance to rate your carpoolers and submit your feedback.