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How can I set my route preferences?

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Scoop allows you to define your route preferences by giving feedback in the app. When you carpool as a Driver, you'll have the option to customize your future route preferences immediately after being matched in a carpool or after a carpool is complete.

Please note: placing numerous route preferences may have a negative effect on your match rate

Customize route preferences after being matched in a carpool

If you're dissatisfied with your carpool's route, you may select Rider is too far off my route or Both Riders are too far off my route from the cancellation menu. When you do this, you'll be prompted to give feedback on why the route did not work (Pickup/Both pickups, Drop-off/Both drop-offs, or Combination of the two). Once you give this feedback, we'll prevent you from matching in the same neighborhood of the selected location. 


If you’re dissatisfied with your carpool’s route for just one of your Riders in a 3-person carpool, you can remove them from the carpool by tapping Remove in your Matched View and selecting which Rider you’d like to remove. From there, select Rider is too far off my route and provide feedback on why the route did not work.


If you're able to, we'd love for you to still take the carpool and simply have us prevent similar trips for future matches. This allows you to still receive your Driver reimbursement for the carpool, and your fellow commuter is not left without a ride. You can do this by selecting Take the carpool. If you really cannot take the trip, select Cancel the carpool.

If you do choose to cancel the carpool, no cancellation fee will be charged and you’ll retain your monthly cancellation fee waiver and have access to the carpool shortlist. 


Customize route preferences while leaving trip feedback

After each carpool, you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback on your route. If you select a 1 or 2-star rating, we'll ask you to share more about the route, and you'll have the option to prevent similar routes in the future by tapping the Avoid routes like this button. You'll then be prompted to give feedback on why the route did not work (the pickup, the drop-off, or both). Once complete, advance to rate your fellow commuter(s) and submit your feedback.



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