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How do I remove myself from the carpool shortlist?

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If you submit a trip request to carpool as a Rider and are not matched, you are automatically added to the carpool shortlist.

You may delete a pending carpool shortlist request as long as you have not yet been matched. To do so, follow the instructions and screenshots below:

  1. On your trip card, tap the View shortlist button
  2. On the next screen, tap Edit request
  3. At the bottom of the next screen, tap Delete request

There is no cancellation penalty for deleting a pending carpool shortlist request. However, please know that you cannot rejoin the carpool shortlist after deleting your request and Scoop will not be able to match you in a carpool after that.

If you haven’t matched from the shortlist within 30 minutes, backup commute options will become available when eligible. At that point you will be able to view your backup commute options and take alternative transportation for your commute.

If your employer partners with Scoop to sponsor backup commute options, you can claim your ride credit and your shortlist request will automatically be deleted.


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