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How can I enable shift scheduling?

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Note: shift scheduling is only available for Commuters whose employers are a part of a specific Scoop Program. If your employer is a part of a program offering shift scheduling, you will see it within the Scoop app after you have verified your work email and entered an eligible work address.

Shift scheduling can be enabled when first creating your Scoop account or by selecting to use it in the “Scheduling options” section of your “Account tab”.

To enable shift scheduling within your account simply:

  • Tap the Account icon in the bottom navigation bar of the app.
  • From the account menu, tap Scheduling options
  • Tap the slider to select whether or not to “Use shift scheduling”

*To change your scheduling options you will need to delete all future trips. Please delete your requests or wait until your trip has been completed before trying to change your scheduling option.

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