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How does Scoop enforce its community guidelines?

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Scoop reviews all Commuter feedback and support tickets. Our Trust and Safety team reviews reports that may violate our community guidelines and when necessary, we may follow up with Commuters to investigate reports. 

Our team will meet to review the incident and determine:

  • What happened
  • Whether this event constitutes a violation of our community guidelines or Terms of Use
  • Who is at fault
  • Whether this is an ongoing situation, or if there is a threat to anyone's physical safety

We may restrict a Commuter's access to their account until our investigation is completed.

Once the team has a complete account of the events they will make a decision as to how to respond.

Responses may include:

  • Nothing (if we determine no violation occurred)
  • A private reprimand to the Commuter(s) involved
  • A permanent or temporary ban from Scoop


Any of the Commuters directly involved in an incident can request reconsideration of Scoop’s decision. To make such a request, contact ScoopCare with any change of circumstances that may justify reconsideration and our team will review it.


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