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How does pricing work as a Rider or Driver?

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We do our best to make our pricing clear when you schedule your carpools so you know what to expect. You'll always be able to see your current pricing in the app before you schedule and take any trips.

How does Scoop pricing for Riders work?

Riders cover a share of the commute cost with the Driver. We split the costs for you, and you pay directly through the app. The amount paid by each Rider helps the Driver cover a portion of their commute costs for things like gas and vehicle maintenance.

You will likely enjoy lower in-app pricing if your employer offers an Enterprise carpool program with Scoop. 

How does Scoop pricing for Drivers work?

Drivers get reimbursed for picking up Riders. The reimbursement, paid by the Riders, helps you cover a portion of your commute costs for things like gas and vehicle maintenance. If you match with 2 Riders instead of 1 Rider, the payout amount will increase to cover costs for the additional pick-up.

Driver reimbursements are added to your Scoop balance, which you can transfer to your bank account. To learn how to cash out your Scoop balance, see our article on cashing out funds.

How does pricing work if I indicate I am open to carpooling as either a Rider or Driver?

If you indicate that you are open to carpooling as either a Rider or Driver, we will show you how much you’ll receive if you match as a Driver as well as how much you’ll pay if you match as Rider. That way, there are no surprises when you match either way!

See this article to learn more about how pricing is determined: How is Scoop pricing calculated?

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