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How does backup commute work?

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What are my backup commute options?

If we can’t match you in a carpool first, backup commute options will become available in the Scoop app for you to get to and from work.

To access backup commute options:

  1. Schedule a carpool as a Rider
  2. If we can’t find you a carpool, or your carpool is canceled, you’ll be added to the carpool shortlist for another chance at matching
  3. If you are not selected from the carpool shortlist or if your shortlist match is canceled by the Driver, backup commute options will become available

Sponsored backup commutes

If your employer partners with Scoop, you may have access to a sponsored backup commute through Lyft. This means that if we can’t get you into a carpool, you’ll receive a Lyft Pass to use toward your commute instead.

The amount of the Lyft Pass will vary based on your employer’s Enterprise carpool program. In order to claim your Lyft Pass, follow these instructions:

  1. From the carpool shortlist, tap View backup commute options
  2. Tap Get a ride with Lyft to view the details for your Lyft Pass
  3. To claim your Lyft Pass, tap Claim Lyft pass. Once you claim, your carpool shortlist request will automatically be deleted
  4. After you claim your Lyft Pass, tap Open Lyft app to head to the Lyft app and schedule your ride
  5. We’ll pass along your pick-up and drop-off locations directly to the Lyft app so you can easily schedule your commute
  6. Your Lyft Pass will automatically be applied to your qualifying trip and any remaining payment is taken care of directly through the Lyft app.*

Your ride with Lyft can be requested 30 minutes before the start time until 30 minutes after the end time of the original Scoop trip request.

To successfully redeem your Lyft Pass, your trip must meet the following requirements:

  • Both the starting and ending addresses used for Lyft have to match your Scoop trip request 
  • You must schedule both the Scoop request and your Lyft trip with a work address that is part of your company's Enterprise carpool program
  • Your Lyft pass must be claimed from the Scoop app by 10:30am (for morning trips) and 8:00pm (for evening trips)*
  • Your Lyft ride must be requested, and you must be picked up by the driver within 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after your original Scoop trip request.

The eligibility requirements can be found in the Scoop app by tapping Get a ride with Lyft (see step 6 above), as well as in the Lyft app once the Lyft Pass has been claimed. See here for more information on how to find and use your Lyft Pass: Promotions, ride discounts, and Lyft credit.

We will use the phone number associated with your Scoop account to locate your existing Lyft account. If you do not have a Lyft account, you will need to create an account with Lyft

*Lyft Pass does not apply to tips, cancellation fees, or damage charges and any such charges are the responsibility of the Lyft user, subject to Lyft's Terms of Service.

Non-sponsored backup commutes

If you do not see any sponsored backup commute options, add your work email to make sure you are receiving all the benefits from your employer’s Enterprise carpool program. Some employers may not offer sponsored backup commutes as a benefit. 

Backup commutes while using shift scheduling

If you are using shift scheduling, backup commutes will be available if we are not able to match you in a round-trip carpool or your carpool is canceled.

To access backup commute options while using shift scheduling:

  1. Schedule a round-trip carpool as a Rider
  2. If we can’t find you a carpool, or if either of your to-work or return carpools is canceled, backup commute options will become available

If you did not match round-trip, or your to-work trip is canceled, causing an automatic cancellation for your return trip, you will be eligible for backup commutes for both trips. This means you could claim a Lyft Pass for your to-work trip and another Lyft Pass for your return trip.

Follow the same instructions above to claim and use your Lyft Pass for your backup commute. Remember that you can claim your Lyft Pass as soon as backup commute options become available for the trip, but in order to redeem your Lyft Pass, your Lyft must be requested between 30 minutes before until 30 minutes after your original Scoop trip request windows.


 *The expiration time shown in app for your Lyft pass relates to the time in which you can schedule your Lyft trip. The pass will still need to be claimed from Scoop by 10:30am (for morning trips) and 8:00pm (for evening trips).

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