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Setting Your Vaccination Status - Chrome and Edge

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If your company has COVID-19 vaccination requirements to come into the office, you’ll be able to indicate your status to your employer with Scoop! To set your vaccination status with the Scoop Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension, follow these steps:

  • Click the Scoop icon for the Chrome or Edge extension and select “Set Status
  • You will then be taken to a new page that displays a list of dates
  • Select a date that you would like to set a status to head into work
  • Once you have indicated that your will be ‘Going into work’ on any particular day, you should see the option to save a 'Vaccination status'

From the vaccination status page, you will be able to indicate whether you are ‘Fully vaccinated’, ‘Not vaccinated’, ‘Exempt’, or ‘Prefer not to say’. Once you have saved your vaccination status as 'Fully vaccinated' you will then have the ability to upload a photo as verification of vaccination.

Your vaccination status will remain pending until your document is verified by your employer* and you will be able to see the review state your document is in, whether it is pending review, denied, or accepted. You will be able to update or replace your vaccine documentation at any time.

*Your vaccination status and documentation will only be visible to your employer’s Scoop admin. This feature is only for Scoop users whose employers are a part of a Hybrid Work Scoop Program.

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