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How to add the Scoop app to your Slack app

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The Scoop platform is now embedded directly in your daily workflow. With the Scoop Slack App you can set your work location status and view your teammates’ work location plans from the same place you connect with your team.

You can find the Scoop app for Slack with this link: or in the Slack app directory following the steps below:

  1. Click ‘Apps’ on the top of the left sidebar in Slack. If you don’t see this option, click ‘More’ to find it.
  2. Search for the Scoop app, then click ‘Add’
  3. Follow the prompts to install the Scoop app*.

With Scoop you can:

  • See statuses for members in any channel and understand if they plan on going into work, working remotely, or if they will be out of office.
  • Prepare for upcoming weeks by setting your status and letting others know where you’ll be.

Type these commands in any channel:

  • /Scoop to set your status for today or upcoming days
  • /Scoop-today to quickly check where each channel member is working from today
  • /Scoop-future to understand all upcoming statuses for channel members

The Scoop Slack app can be used to set or view statuses but any account settings will need to be updated using the Scoop Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension, or our mobile app

Slack FAQs

What information does Scoop collect from Slack?

  • Scoop requests the most limited permissions possible to be able to enable Teams to interact with the Scoop Slack app and chat functionality. The message-related permissions we request only enable us to "View basic information" (e.g. channel metadata including channel type and participants) about the channels or group messages we are added to. This is specifically to be able to read Slack command information. We do not request or access channel or chat message history, and do not read or store any messages outside of direct interactions with the Scoop app.

Can other channel members see when I run Scoop commands in Slack? 

  • If you run /scoop or /scoop-future in a Slack Channel, the messages that are returned are all private to you.

Does Scoop need to be invited to every Channel? 

  • All Scoop commands will work by default (without any action by you) in any public channel. In order for Scoop to work in a group DM or private channel, you will need to add @Scoop to that DM or Private Channel. 

* Slack admin approval may be required to install the Scoop Slack app. The Scoop Slack app is only for Scoop users whose employers are a part of a Hybrid Work Scoop Program.

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